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Enable others to fulfil their potential, through offering support, challenge and opportunities to grow.

Hello, I’m Kim Gregory

Thanks for visiting my website. After a career in senior management roles within M&S, American Express and DHL, I’ve had the pleasure of being a Leadership Coach since 1997 and very much enjoy enabling leaders to genuinely lead themselves and others really effectively. I work with leaders from all sectors but especially leaders in education and health. Together we create a partnership to support and challenge you to Discover how you want to lead, Enable you to empower others and support and challenge you to Lead yourself and others really effectively.


Our Services

Our team works with you to create a bespoke coaching package tailored to your needs.

Bespoke 360-degree Feedback

Paradoxically, the more senior a leader, the more important feedback is but the less frequent, courageous and challenging it becomes. Through sensitively interviewing >8 colleagues and providing supportive and challenging coaching, we enable the leader to understand & accept the feedback and to readjust their leadership impact, mindset, behaviours and style.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching is all about enabling you to be the best leader that you can be. Whilst exploring the different leadership models and frameworks can be very enlightening, we believe that – alongside that – it’s essential to explore and understand your own preferred style of leadership. We’ll also enable you to embrace it and live it too, in every conversation, every day.

Team Coaching

Team coaching is for the compassionate, brave and ambitious leaders who genuinely choose to lead. Over a year-long process, we enable the team to see each other accurately, to relate to each other compassionately and courageously and to deliver the organisation’s purpose with heart and soul.

About us

Evolve Leadership Coaching (established 1997) is a coaching company dedicated to enabling leaders to genuinely lead themselves and others effectively.

Why do we do this? Because we know that when leaders lead themselves and others really effectively, they create a culture within which everyone thrives (including the leaders themselves). When leaders explore and embrace their ability to lead in their own authentic manner, they unleash the potential in themselves and others and the atmosphere of the organisation shifts: the leadership team takes more (managed) risks, becomes more creative and develops a more external (and more strategic) perspective.

We enable this through 1:1 Coaching, Team Coaching and Bespoke 360-degree Feedback, using our maxim of Discover, Enable, Lead.

We help people to:

Our Testimonials

‘Coaching with Kim has enabled me to lead myself and others much more effectively. It has deepened and broadened my perspective on leadership and, as a result, I have been able to fully embrace both my own potential and the potential of my role, especially the strategic elements. In turn, this has provided genuine opportunities for the SLT to grow and develop too. I really appreciate being given the opportunity to invest my time, energy and courage into such a worthwhile personal development activity and have found 1:1 coaching to be an essential leadership tool’.

Chris Williams, Deputy Head, Rodborough
Coaching with Kim has had a profound impact on me. Every leader should see an investment in coaching as a necessity; it’s the best CPD I’ve ever had.
Jackie Sharman, Principal, Weydon School

Coaching has given me the space to reflect on my role & our strategic direction. It has also put things into perspective. There is no doubt that Kim has made me better at my job. I benefitted so much from her support and counsel and feel very honoured that I had the opportunity to work with her. It has stood me in good stead in difficult times.

Jayne Venables, Executive Head, Surrey

Kim led a year long programme for our senior team, helping us to create a whole new way of engaging with each other. It has reset our expectations of each other as a team and brought significant insights into how we engage on an emotional and personal level – as well as supported our alignment with the organisation’s goals. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a thoughtful, supportive and highly resourceful partner to work with.

Jonathan Sharrock, CEO Coast to Capital

With her extensive experience of organisations and a deep understanding of human beings and teams, Kim has been a huge source of inspiration and a strong support at a time I was taking over the responsibility of a large organisation in financial difficulties.Her approach is a mix of confidence building, creativity and pragmatic view supported by efficient tools, discretion and empathy

Anne Champagne, GM Healthcare, Northern Europe, Air Products

Kim has really allowed me to discover my strengths and the value of working with them. Knowledge you can learn and experience you can gain but strengths are inherent and a powerful source of energy

Robin Oakley, Vice President

A worthwhile investment in time, energy and money.

Julie Barnard, President, , President, Centigrade

Kim comfortably challenged me, encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and the noticeable differences for me are my increased confidence and feeling more empowered to step up into my role.

Melissa Lawrence, CEO, Taylor Bennett Foundation

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