Kim Gregory

An iron fist in a kid glove

Hello, I’m Kim Gregory and I’m a strengths consultant, trainer and speaker; and a very experienced executive coach. After nearly 20 years in corporate life (Marks & Spencer, American Express and DHL), finishing as an HRD in December 1995. I did my MBA full-time in 1996 and started my own business in 1997.

I am very passionate about the impact that adopting the Strengths Approach has on individuals, teams and organisations; and love sharing this approach through coaching, presenting, training and consulting.

head shot

As well as having an MBA, I have completed a lot of personal development qualifications, including:

My energising strengths

I have been described (many times) as “an iron fist in a kid glove” but also empathic, trustworthy, honest and a fantastic listener. If you want to read more take a look what my clients say. My energising strengths are relationship building, collaboration and self-improvement.

I’m also the Co-Founder and Chair of the amazing Guildford Coaches Group.

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